Hearing from people with lived experience

We surveyed 402 people living below the poverty line via an online survey conducted in May 2018. The sample was diverse; 35% lived in rural and regional areas, 79% spoke a language other than English at home, and 25% identified as having a disability.

The survey fieldwork and data processing was conducted by Essential Media’s Online Research Unit. The most recent ACOSS definition of the ‘poverty line’ was used as the basis for determining the target population. The target population was selected by cross-matching responses to a question about after-tax household income with information about the number of people in the household. Only participants that meet the upper limit for the relevant ‘poverty line’ could continue the survey. Respondents were invited to take part in the survey via an email invitation to the Online Research Unit’s online research panel. During the fieldwork, soft quotas were placed on gender, family composition, region and language spoken at home. We also placed a hard quota of 25% on the number of responses from pensioners in order to gain a balance of responses from family households. The data has otherwise not been weighted.

The survey was designed by NCOSS, with input from representatives from the NSW Cancer Council and NSW Health in conjunction with Essential Media Research. The analysis of this data was conducted by NCOSS. The research design and fieldwork for this project were conducted in line with ISO 20252 accreditation (the international ISO quality assurance standard for market and social research).

Hearing from Children and Young People

We recognised that an Election Platform that focuses on the welfare of children and young people means that their voices should be at the heart of our learnings and recommendations. It was therefore important for us to complement our field research with documented consultations and interviews with children and young people in NSW conducted by our members. We would like to particularly acknowledge the following sources and the contribution they have made to our Election Platform:

  • Advocate for Children and Young People (May 2016), NSW Strategic Plan for Children and Young People – Consultation Results
  • Mission Australia (December 2017), Youth Survey Report 2017
  • ReachOut & Mission Australia (June 2018), Lifting the weight. Understanding young people’s mental health and service needs in regional and remote Australia.
  • Youth Action (August 2018), Inequality in Australia: A Young Person’s Perspective
  • Mission Australia (August 2018), Homelessness Draft Report

Advocate for Children and Young People (Forthcoming), Consultations with young people in juvenile detention centres

Consultations with regional communities

Our consultations have been guided by principles enshrined in widely recognised methodologies, such as the Harwood, World Café and Tamarack approaches to community conversations and engagement. We have used these principles as a framework for our consultations to:
  • encourage diverse, cross-sector contribution and perspectives
  • create a safe space for people to share their insights and experiences
  • understand the shared aspirations and values of a community
  • identify the strengths, assets and past successes of a community
  • identify the changes or solutions that would assist in achieving a community’s aspirations
  • develop public knowledge based on experience, and
  • develop a strengths-based approach to community development.

Being guided by experts within the sector

The public knowledge gleaned from our survey and consultation engagement was brought together with the expert knowledge of our diverse advisory panels, other experts in the field, and the NCOSS team to develop specific recommendations. The advisory panels consulted included:
  • Forum of Non-Government Organisations
  • Children, Young People and Families Alliance
  • Children Services Forum
  • Housing and Homelessness Collaboration Group
  • Health Equity Alliance
  • Transport Policy Advisory Group
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