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February, 27th 2019

 More Hospitals and More Accessible Access to Health Care

Regional NSW is crying out for a greater focus on health care investment from the next NSW Government, according to a new poll commissioned by social services peak body, NCOSS. The reveals 76 per cent of regional NSW residents believe building more hospitals and health facilities should be a top priority of the next NSW Government.

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February, 18th 2019

 NCOSS says Sydney Cost of Living is forcing people to make too many sacrafices

“There needs to be a significant boost in investment towards social and affordable housing. We certainly have a really strong economy and we’re in a good position so I think there’s no excuse for leaving these people behind” – NCOSS CEO, Joanna Quilty.

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February, 5th 2019

Building Great Communities Joint Campaign Launched

18 community organisations announced today they will campaign to ask all political parties ahead of the NSW election to prioritise building great communities for a fairer NSW. “NSW is a rich state in a rich country, and there is no excuse for people here being left behind,” said NCOSS CEO, Joanna Quilty

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January, 11th 2019

NCOSS Provides Commentary on Falling Rent Prices to ABC News

NCOSS provided comment to ABC News on the falling price of rent in Sydney, stating that while this a welcome change, the city still very much lags behind with regard to social housing. NCOSS CEO, Joanna Quilty, is calling for mandatory inclusionary zoning this election.

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January, 8th 2019

Soaring Health Care Costs, A Barrier to Mental Health Treatment 

Reports of soaring out-of-pocket costs for General Practitioner (GP) consultations across Sydney highlight the real barriers that exist for those on low incomes needing treatment for mental health issues.

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October, 31st 2018

October 23, 2018

Chloe Steel Addresses the NSW Youth Parliament

“Youth don’t feel safe”

Last week Chloe had the opportunity to address the NSW Youth Parliament on her experiences with mental health services in Maitland. She argued that not only is more funding needed, we also need more support and training for the programs that already exist, and the staff that run these programs.

Watch Chloe’s address HERE.

October 23, 2018
Awesome to have Mission Australia supporting and endorsing our 2019 Election Platform

Youth Mental Health Advocate, Chloe Steel, Meets with Maitland MP, Jenny Aitchison

Children and young people in regional areas need to be supported to lead healthy and happy lives. Chloe and her mother, Mel, met with Maitland Newcastle MP Jenny Aitchison to discuss the need for adequate access and support for young people experience mental health challenges.

Check out Chloe’s story HERE.

October 23, 2018

Affordable Housing

Momentum toward scrapping no-ground evictions will continue. The New South Wales Council for Social Service has vowed to continue  the fight to scrap no-ground evictions after an amendment to make the reform failed in the NSW Upper House today.

“Housing affordability will be a major issue n the upcoming state election and NCOSS will be pushing hard because it’s so important,” said Ms Quilty.

Read the full press release HERE.

October 23, 2018

Mental Health

NCOSS congratulates government on mental health investment, highlights role of schools in suicide prevention. The NSW government’s $90 million commitment to arrest the state’s alarming rate of suicide has been welcomed by the state’s peak social services body.

“Australians in regional and rural communities die by suicide at twice the rate recorded in capital cities,” said Ms Quilty. “This is driven by isolation, stigma surrounding mental health, a lack of employment opportunities and a lack of access to services.”

Read the full press release HERE.

October 23, 2018

2019 NCOSS Election Platform Launch

On Monday 15th October we launched the 2019 Election Platform at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence with guest speakers Keenan Mundine and Simon Byrne. The event was well attended with notable guests, MP Justin Fields and Hon. Tanya Davies. This election cycle we’ve based our asks on six different domains, Access, Access to Justice, Affordable Housing, Mental Health, Lifelong Learning and Family & Connectedness.

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